Love for monarch butterflies

If you haven’t really given much thought to monarch butterflies before, you probably should. If not for the impressive fact that they migrate approximately 2,000 miles between America and Mexico (the longest of any insect) or that they follow the same path and end up in the same place as two generations before them. You […]

Pot Roasted Artichokes

The perfect passover menu (goyim welcome)

For the first time ever I am going to attempt to make my own Passover meal on Monday. I was feeling very anxious about this because there’s a lot of rules dictating what foods you eat during the Seder and also about the types of food you eat in the meal afterwards. It’s part of […]

F irons

Boulder ‘tude

I happily and luckily was able to spend a few years romping around the trails, meadows, lakes and peaks of Colorado while in grad school in Boulder. I love the town and probably fit the stereotype in more ways than one, but was still given fair warning from friends before moving there that the combination […]



My boyfriend recently turned me on to the blog Semi Rad, which is generally about focusing on the joy of outdoor pursuits rather than being the best or most extreme. One of the posts that my boyfriend pointed me to was a gratitude scale for outdoorsfolk (I think he was hinting at something here). It […]


Preserving cocao culture in Mexico (3 millennia worth)

I am a chocolate lover. Dark with a slightly bitter and nutty flavor is my favorite. But, for something that I eat very regularly, I don’t give much thought about what kind I buy apart from it being the flavor I want. I know generally about the origins of chocolate: how it was cultivated by cultures […]

Zion National Park, Outside Magazine

Monday musings: love for national parks

After being sick for the last week I was looking forward to getting my strength back and letting some stress go. I got over to Marin to hike a bit of Mount Tamalpais and caught the Banff film fest in Berkeley. I also ended up taking the opportunity to get motivated for some exploring. I […]


Some new favorite things (paper)

It’s a wonderful thing to write down my plans and thoughts rather than type them into digital form. I think it helps me keep more of them too. Here are some of my favorite planners, notebooks and calendars of late to inspire you to turn to paper too: San Francisco artist Julia Kostreva A fellow […]

Spray roses, statice flower, dusty miller

A flowerful space

Growing up my Mom always had flowers around the house. Now, whenever I come home to visit she puts a bouquet on my bedside table. I love how she wants to make sure my room is a little more homey and lovely for me by filling it with flowers. Despite her example, I didn’t display […]

Label Rocker Raglan

It’s tee time

Finding soft, well-cut t-shirts in interesting colors and patterns is not easy. And if you’re like me and have days filled with both active activities and need-to-be-put-together activities, t-shirts really are the basis of a wardrobe. I’m at a point where I’m replacing a big chunk of my tees that have seen too many bike […]


Easy chewy vegan nut butter cookies

These cookies will change your perception of baking. They are pretty much fool proof, you can mix them with a whisk and spoon versus getting out a hand or stand mixer. Plus, they’re flourless and vegan! I came up with these because I wanted to send my vegan boyfriend something homemade that wouldn’t dry out […]

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